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Payment received
Published on 10-07-2018

Hello dear STEELCLIX members.

We are saying sorry to you all.
In these 3 days we worked very hard to get back. Too many bugs were created in site unfortunately. 1stly we lose FORUM. That's why we were unable to inform you about that issue. We already alerted about it and already we disable referral commission without clicking ads. Now your referrals already worked without your clicks. So don't worry .

About site:
We are transferred our site to Brand powerful server, now we can manage more than 400K traffic. So don't worry about site. Steelclix is for long time. If you have any doubts. Feel free to contact us below. We are very happy to assist you.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Steelclix admin.


3000 members celebration
Published on 24-06-2018

Hello dear STEELCLIX members.
Today is a special day. It's Steelclix completed 3000 members.

At this happy moments we are going to launch Some promotions.
Take advantage on this promo and upgrade your account and grow your earnings like high earning users.

Add Funds Promo With Free Rented Referrals For limited Time
Add Funds And Get Free Rented Referrals and Fixed PTC Advertisements

Deposit : $50-$99 Get free 5% Bonus ( 25 Rented Referrals Free )
Deposit : $100-$199Get free 7% Bonus ( 50 Rented Referrals Referrals Free )
Deposit : $200-299 Get free 15% Bonus ( 100 Rented Referrals 7 Days Free Fix ads )
Deposit : $300-$499 Get free 20% Bonus ( 200 Rented Referrals 15 Days Free Fix ads )
Deposit : $500-$749 Get free 25% Bonus ( 200 Rented Referrals 30Days Free Fix ads )
Deposit : $750-$1000 Get free 30% Bonus ( 300RR (STELL 6 membership ) 45Days Free Fix ads )
Deposit : $1750-$3500 Get free 40% Bonus ( 300RR ( STEEL FULL membership ) 90 Days Free Fix ads )

Bonus will added manually or shortly.
Send your Fixed ads Detail Via Support Ticket.

Promo is valid for Limited Time .

Good Luck to all of you for your Earnings!!

King regards,

Alert for Ukraine and Viet Nam Members
Published on 24-06-2018

Dear members!
I receive many cheater from Ukraine and Viet Nam countries..
they make a Multiple accounts Using proxy with VPN.

So, Ukraine and Viet Nam members can make cash-out But First they need to deposit and upgrade account. Deposit and upgrade account condition is only for these both countries (Ukraine,Viet Nam). None investor cannot withdraw from these countries.

Thank you!
King regards

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